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Tune Touch Tone

Three Pillars of Piano Service

be brought into so much more playability and responsiveness making the whole playing experience a pleasure.

Tone refers to the nature of hammer felt and the degree of brightness or mellowness, tone color, and projection of sound the piano is currently producing. For the discerning pianist this is an adjustment that makes for more intimate artistic relationship between the player and the piano.

To all those interested in the piano I invite your questions and input.

I will do my utmost to respond most effectively to your needs.

Tuning stability is directly related to prevailing humidity conditions, 42% relative humidity being an ideal condition to maintain piano tunings, glue joints, and snug action screws allowing action mechanism parts to move easily and uniformly.

Touch is the result of action mechanism adjustments intended to follow manufacturer's guidelines and generally recognized relationships for consistency and keyboard response. It is a sequence of precedures that can vary in its scope depending on the present status of the action mechanism and the degree to which the pianist is prepared to go. There are many pianos with a keyboard touch that has gone un-checked for many years but which, with even 3 hours of regulation adjustments can